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Olympus OM-2 S/P

"A camera maker that simply copies others" idea has no right to call itself an original maker in the first place." -Mr. Maitani, creator of the OM photographic system . First one was Olympus OM-1. (actually M-1). It was introduced 1972.
OM-1 is fully mechanical, compact and stylish SLR camera. It has also proved to be one of the most innovative 35mm SLR cameras of the seventies.

Olympus OM-2 S/P , is the result of nearly fifteen years of evolution.The acceptance of these "semi mechanical" models, OM-2n/OM-4, has not been merely approving among all OM users. Maybe justly, maybe not, but the caravan goes on despite what we are doing. Some inventions, which was introduced with OM-System cameras are still unbeatable after ten- twenty years. Don't let the compact size of the OM bodies fool you to think it is another SLR, because they all were a full blown system cameras with top rated specifications to meet any professional needs.

Olympus OM-2S Manual (multilanguage)
English,German,French,Spanish /PDF (4,84Mt)

As an attachment of the Instruction Manual came a note (In German!):

Wichtiger Hinweis!
Die Modelle OM-2 Spot Program und OM-4 bieten die Möglichkeit, im Falle eines Batterie-Ausfalls eine mechanisch gesteuerte 1/60 Sekunde sowie „B" einzustellen.
Bei Benutzung dieser rot markierten Positionen ist zu beachten, daß

  1. Der Filmtransport nur mit dem Schalthebel vorgenommen wer­den kann (also nicht mit Winder oder Motor Drive),
  2. das Blitzaufnahmen nicht möglich sind.
Diese Einschränkungen beruhen auf der Tatsache, daß die Impuls­kupplungen für Motor bzw. Blitzgerät elektrisch erfolgen, also Batte­riestrom benötigen.

Important Note!
The models OM-2 Spot Program and OM-4 offers a possibitity in case of the battery failure a mechanically controlled 1/60 sec. and B.
When using this red marked selection, it should be noted, that

  1. The film transport has to be done only by a transport lever (ie, not with a Winder or Motor Drive)
  2. The flash photography is not possible.
These restrictions are based on the fact that the controlling impulses for motor and flash needs the power from the battery and cannot use the winder as a power source.

Film Format : 24mm x 36mm
Type: :TTL auto-exposure 35mm SLR camera
Lens mount : OLYMPUS OM Mount. About 50 different Zuiko interchangeable lenses.
Shutter : Electronically controlled cloth focal plane shutter, automatic exposure control from about 60 seconds to 1/1,000 second. 1/60 sec mechanical shutter speed. Manual exposure: B, 1 - 1/1,000 sec., ring mounted control.
Synchronization : X type contact, hot shoe and 5-pin contact for T-series flash; PC synchro socket.
Automatic exposure control : Aperture preferred automatic exposure control electronic shutter type. TTL Direct Light Measuring System, center-weighted average light measurement. Measuring range: ASA 100 from F1.2, about 60 seconds to F16, 1/1,000 second.
Programmed Automatic Exposure : TTL direct, measuring range : approximate. -5 EV ~ 18 EV , 50mm F 1.4
Manual exposure : TTL type. Mechanical shutter for B and 1/60 sec, electronic shutter for 1~ 1/100 sec
Large exposure compensation dial : + - 2EV (within the ASA film speed range)
Automatic flash exposure : Direct contacts for TTL Auto Flash.
Metering system : Olympus direct metering in body. Full aperture center weighted metering. Spot metering on Manual mode.
Measuring range : EV1.5 - EV17 (ASA 100 with F 1.2 standard lens).
Light sensors : SBC photocell

Film speed Setting : ASA 12 - 3200, By lifting and rotating film speed dial.
Auto/Manual selection : By selector lever.
Battery check : 3-level display with LED and alarm sound; automatic lock with batteries exhausted.
Power source : Two 1.5V silver oxide batteries Eveready S-76 or equivalents or alkaline manganese batteries LR 44
Viewfinder : Pentaprism type wide vision finder , interchangeable focusing screens.
Focusing screens : Wide selection of interchangeable screens.
Finder view-field : 97% of actual picture field.
Viewfinder Magnification : 0.92 X at infinity with 50mm standard lens
Apparent field view : Vertical 23°30', horizontal 35°.
Reflex mirror : Oversize, quick return type (without lockup).
Manual film advance : Lever type with 130° angle for one long or several short strokes, pre-advance angle 30°, motor drive and winder usable.
Exposure counter : Progressive type with automatic reset.
Film rewind : Rewind crank
Self-timer : 12 sec delay electronic self timer.
Camera back : Removable hinge type, with memo holder. Interchangeable with Recordata Backs and 250 Film Back
Weight : 540g (19 oz.), body alone
Dimensions : 136 x 84 x 50mm, body alone

A typical feature in every OM- model is the shutter dial around the lens mount. On the top is a dial for exposure compensation.

Olympus Zuiko Zoom3,5-4,5/35-105mm

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