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OGA (Obergassner, Germany)


OGA-Germany (~ 1960 )

OGA isn´t really a camera producer. Oga cameras are made by various cameramakers in Germany. Franka was perhaps the major supplier. This OGA in my collection has a similar outline and specifications to a Francolor L (1960) so there is no doubt who is the maker. The name comes from "Obergassner" which was (or is) a chain store in Germany. They sold cameras and some other products with their own brand name.

OGA has a still working selenium meter "on board", ASA range: 6 - 6400 and a flash contact for bulbs. A winding lever is hidden between the black body and a chrome upper part. Material is chiefly metal only the release lever and a mask around the view finder and selenium cell is made of plastic.

Shutter : Pronto, B 1/30 - !/250.
Lens : Color Isconar, 1:2,8/45.
Viewfinder : Excellent.(as you can see)


If you really want to sell and get profit you have to create a Brand. When this is done with the help of a good product and big money you can set your price. This is easier said than done. Creating a brand also takes good luck and in most cases plenty of hard work. In some occassions the quality or technical superiority is not the leading argument determining the success of a product. I think that it is a part of the evolutionary process of technics and human behavior and the "needs" of an individual. The best one is not always the winner. I suppose that you notice that I have a bit ironic opinion but "Who cares".

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