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Icarex 35S BM

You never know the power of the forefinger. Pre-eminently when you you loose the control. I never thought, that my bid could hold but here it is, one of the latest efforts to save the unsurpassed productive resources of the German camera manufacturing. Praise the power of the incomprehensible.

First model of Icarex 35 is based on the earlier Voigtländer design and was launched in 1966 through the collaboration between Voigtländer and Zeiss-Ikon. Icarex 35 S series, like this was introduced in 1968. Two variants BM (bayonet mount) and since 1970 TM (thread mount) were made.
A year after when the last camera designed by Zeiss Ikon was introduced Rollei and Leitz still continues the struggle but Hannibal is ante portas. Japan takes the scepter. The story of famous European cameras is coming up to the finale.
Today only the old prestigious names are left from the power that once seemed so invincible. Leica is a lonely exception.

Somebody could say, that Icarex is ugly and looks like a soap box. I like the box more, than a slippery Luigi Colani Look which is like a used soap inside the box. Icarex has a straight and reliable look. It feels good in your hands. Knobs and wheels and levers are where they are supposed to be. You hear no creak or crack and what is perhaps the most impressive, you know, that something really is in your hands.
As a Zeiss Ikon product you could assume, that Icarex should have a reputation of an extremely reliable camera, which in this case is not evident. It is manufactured at the time when Zeiss Ikon and the whole German camera industry was in a crisis caused by the lack of good quality materials and a rising Japanese competition. Hard times may have influenced also in a quality control. I feel lucky to have a well working camera which at least feels reliable.
Some details, Icarex 35S
  • First introduced in 1966. (Icarex 35S in 1967)
  • Camera type : 35mm ,TTL SLR camera
  • Picture size : 24 x 36mm
  • Shutter : horizontal-travel focal-plane
  • Shutter speeds : B, 1 - 1/1000 sec.
  • Flash sync contact : FP, X sync
  • Depth of field preview
  • Self timer: ~8 sec. delay
  • Viewfinder : fixed pentaprism
  • Instant return mirror
  • Exposure meter : TTL stopped-down-aperture metering
  • Film speed range : ISO 25 - 1600 (15 - 33 DIN)
  • Film winding : by the film wind lever on the camera top
  • Rewinding : by the collapsible rewind crank on the camera top
  • Battery : 1,35V type PX625 or similar
  • Dimensions : 147x99x55mm
  • Weight : body 770g
©2007 Reijo Lauro