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Cosina Co, Japan ?

Carena KSM2

Carena KSM 2

I don´t know what is the origin of this camera. I have found several almost similar cameras badged as, Exakta Ke-5,Topcon RM 300 which was one of the last Topcons,Quantaray D2-RZ and Cimco LS-1. They all have K-mounts, even Topcon, and the features and design are astonishingly alike.

This Carena is manufactured by Cosina. Carena is a German or Luxembourger retail chain that sold a lot of Carena cameras and equipment but they do not manufacture any cameras. The manufacturer, probably Cosina has made cameras under the names Miranda, Ricoh, Vivitar, Voigtländer and Yashica, even Nikon, Canon and Olympus and curiously also Cosina. A subcontractor of the kings and peasants.
Something bad to say ? Oh, is loud and lacks the catapult seat.

Carena KSM 2 operates only in manual mode. It has a metal focal plane shutter, B, 1 - 1/1000 sec. K- mount bayonet, mechanical self timer, TTL metering (powered with two 1,5 V? batteries) with LED indicator in the view finder and a hot flash contact. It is heavy all metal construction which dates it in late seventies. Although Carena is not aimed for a professional use it feels reliable and solid and it has a connection for motorized rewind though the rewind lever acts astonishingly smoothly and smartly. K- bayonet enables a huge variety of affordable lenses.

The lens in the picture is Super Carenar 3,5-4,3/ 35-100mm Zoom


Lens Mount: Pentax K-mount bayonet .
Shutter: Metal Focal Plane shutter with the speeds from 1 sec. to 1/1000 sec, B .
Flash synchronization: 1/125 sec.)
Self timer: 10 sec.
View-finder: Fixed Pentaprism Focusing by horizontal split image and surrounding Micro -prism.

Film Speed Range: ASA 25 - 3200
Film advance: 180s rotation with Stand-off angle 30°
Exposure Counter: Progressive type from S (start) and automatically resets to S
Battery: S-76 Silver battery 1.5V x 2
Size: 136.5 x 83.2 x 51 (mm)
Weight: 640g
My friend, Arska, who kindly donated this camera to my collection, prefacing: "You who still are surrounding yourself with old junk..." I had no other possibility but accept, so here they are. The former donation was Olympus Auto Eye II , also that caused me a pleasant problem to hunt the history of the item.  
Agfamatic 126


Agfamatic 126, Agfa PAK uses easy to load PAK cassette.
Introduced by Kodak in 1965.

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