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Miranda Auto Sensorex EE

Miranda Auto Sensorex EE

Miranda Auto Sensorex EE is an example of the latest Miranda models produced. It was introduced in1971 and the production took end in 1977. It is all- mechanical and like Miranda cameras in general it is well-built and feels reliable. Miranda Auto Sensorex EE has a shutter preferred automatic exposure system, removable prism and it is aimed to professional markets as well as to the demanding amateurs. Alike average- and spot metering is arranged by placing the sensor behind the mirror. This design allows TTL metering even when the prism housing is removed.

The history of Miranda cameras begun in 1955 when Orion Camera Co. released the "Miranda T". After a year the company changed its name to the Miranda Camera Company.

This example like most of Miranda SLR cameras is used by an amateur and is in very good condition. In the late sixties Miranda was a respectable competitor to Nikon but still most cameras were sold to consumers and this explains why the ones that you find are usually cosmetically in good condition.

The Miranda 35mm SLR camera developed very comprehensively over the twenty years of production.  The special and unique feature in several models of Miranda SLR cameras is the removable prism. The prism can be removed by pushing the small slider and pulling back on the prism housing. The focusing screen is now a usable waist level finder and because of the special design the TTL metering can be still used. This is useful when taking close-up photos. Despite Miranda cameras are of good quality and quite versatile cameras the company couldn't respond to a competition and production of SLR cameras ended with the DX-3 of 1978.


Shutter : Focal plane, B 1 -1/1000 sec. Self timer with maximum delay of 10 seconds.
Exposure meter : Full aperture, TTL CdS meter .EE coupling range EV 3-8 at ASA 100 with 50mm f 1.4 lens.
Lens Mount : Miranda mount ( 4- claw bayonet and 44mm screw mount)
Standard Lenses : Auto Miranda-E : 50mm /f 1.4 and Auto Miranda-E : 50mm / f 1.8 . (Gauss modified type)
Battery : Mallory PX 675 or Eveready EPX 675 or comparable.
Size : 144 x 93 x 87 mm with f : 1.8 lens
Weight : 950g, w / f :1.8 lens
Viewfinder : Interchangeable viewfinder, magnification 0.92 x with 50mm lens at infinity.


Please note that the lens positioning line is marked in RED on the camera body. The RED DOT, on all Auto Miranda lenses should be aligned exactly opposite this red line before turning the lens to mount it.
On the earlier series of Auto Sensorex EE cameras a green line was also marked on the camera body. However, this green line was only indicated for mounting a bellows unit and the camera lens must NEVER be improperly mounted with the red dot opposite this green line.
Unless the above instruction is strictly adhered to damage to the equipment may result.

"We feel very privileged that you have chosen our Miranda Auto Sensorex-EE camera. As a specialist manufacturer of single-lens reflex cameras in Japan, Miranda Camera Co. have long been producing novel products of unique and original design. Auto Sensorex-EE, your constant companion, is a 35mm, EE (electric-eye) single-lens reflex camera, a new concept which combines a through-the-lens light measuring system with a fully automatic exposure control. It employs two ways of light measurement, one being the Average Light Measuring system and the other, the Spot Light Measuring, each useful for its own specific application. The camera permits, besides EE photography, also manual photography.
The interchangeability of the pentaprism, lenses of superb resolving power, accurate and smoothly-working shutter-mechanism, and other features—are the monopoly of only the highest-grade camera. In order to make the best use of these qualities in your camera, you are advised to read this manual through carefully before you take the first shot and you will be justifiably proud of the results."


Auto Miranda EC 2,8/135mm

EC lens

EC series lenses were made for the Miranda dx-3 camera, which was the last Miranda SLR.

The exterior disparities between the former K and E series lenses are the rubber coated focusing ring and the red "EC" marking on the lens front.

Lens 200mm

Functionally the EC lenses are identical to the E series, and are interchangeable with them. My lens has a leatherette coated focusing ring. I have not found any document to proof, that this kind of coating would be original. Anyway, if it isn't, the coating is extremely well done.

Miranda lenses were quite high valued, allthough the variety was rather small.

EE Lenses

The   Auto   Miranda   E,  exclusive  interchangeable  accessory  lens,  bears the  "EE"  mark similar to the standard  lens,  and  is suitable for EE photography. Auto Miranda lenses other than this exclusive type, or the T-4 Soligor, and T-2 Soligor can only be used for manual photography. (Caution)
When the Auto Miranda E lens is attached to Miranda camera models, other than the Auto Sensorex-EE, the f:1.4 aperture value cannot be used because it uses a diaphragm activating mechanism with a different operational angle.
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