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Tokyo Kogaku Kikai, Topcon , Japan


Topcon Unirex (1969-1970)

Topcon Unirex is made by Tokyo Kogagu Kikai, Japan or same in English, Topcon Optical Co. . Unirex is one of the first SLR:s with full aperture CdS exposure metering. Both averaged metering and spot metering are available. It looks like it should have a focal plane shutter but the truth is that this camera has a leaf shutter behind the lenses. In this case the lens is UV Topcor 1:2, F=50mm. Shutter times are B, 1 - 1/500.


Cameras which made Topcon famous as a camera manufacturer are obviously RE Super and Super Dm models. They have focal plane shutters, more extensive variety of lenses and they were aimed for more professional use as well. In United States Topcon cameras were sold under the name Beseler Topcon. I might be a misunderstanding but there were times when Topcon was an "official" camera of US Navy. Topcon cameras were often described as tanks. Something in their essence really resembles a heavy Sherman or Tiger. If you happen to see one dent on Topcon you can be almost sure that it has arised in El Alamein.

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