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Nettar 517/16

Nettar is a folding 120 roll film camera. It could be considered as a basic model of that camera type,designed for general amateur photography, so to say. It has no rangefinder, the shutter is rather simple and a three element Novar Anastigmat 1:6,3 f=75mm lens is also quite modest. Unlike the even more "basic" Nettar 515/16, the viewfinder is built "into" the camera.

General Notes from the instruction manual:

"The Nettar is a true self-erecting camera: it may be opened with one hand, and the front will spring automatically into the working position.
The lens is focussed on near objects by turning the front mount until the index mark is against the correct distance on the scale. The special type of pressure plate in the camera hack ensures the film lying always perfectly flat in the focal plane.
Double exposures on one section of the film are impossible, since  the shutter can only be released when the film has been wound on to the next picture. A signal disc shows when the film has been wound  on, and  when  the shutter will not work.
The red window in the camera back is provided with a sliding cover, so that any type of panchromatic film may be used without fear of it being fogged.
Before loading the camera with the first spool of film, it is very important that the various required movements are practised until they have become familiar."

The Nettar series was introduced in the late 30s and continued in production until the late 50s.

You can feel the quality of all Zeiss cameras even in these cheaper models. Despite of its age this one is still in good working condition. You only need a film and an exposure meter to shoot 12 technically flawless picks with this wrinkly. Zeiss Ikon Nettar is a low end modell within the Zeiss camera variety. Still it is well designed and finished camera in any respect. For instance the sliding window on the back of the camera is absolutely tight and smooth, simply it has a feeling of reliability.

Loading the camera with film:
"The Nettar is intended to use the B 2 spool, and we strongly recommend that the highly sensitive Zeiss Ikon film Panchrom is used with it, since it is exceedingly reliable and gives good pictures even in comparatively bad light. The panchromatic grade is superior to the orthochromatic grade in that it reproduces colours in more natural tones than the latter: orthochromatic film is only sensilive to the range of colours between blue and yellow-green, while a true panchromatic film is sensitive to all colours of the spectrum, including orange and red and will render colours in very nearly their correct monochrome tones. In artificial light the panchrom grade should always be used. It is more sensitive to this quality of light and  thus requires shorter exposures.
The spools of film are light-tight when correctly wound. It is however inadvisable to allow too much light to strike them when loading and unloading the camera, and these operations are best carried out in diffused daylight or in the shade."

Some specifications

Novar Anastigmat 75mm f/6,3 (3 elements, coated)
Vario 1/25 - 1/200 + B
Film Type
120 Roll Film 6x6cm
Flash Sync
X (and M at 1/25)
133 x 95 x 41mm (closed)
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