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Certo Kamerawerk , Dresden, (DDR)



A basic 6x6 roll film camera which uses 120 film. A good competitor to such Cult Cameras like Holga and Lomo. The results are much alike. Not utterly sharp neither contrasty pictures. Somebody could say that they are artistic or nostalgic, as you wish.
The lens is very simple meniskus type and the shutter has even two speeds, a slow and a slower. You can also choose between two apertures, 11 and 8. The body is made of steel and it feels sturdy. This Certo-phot is somehow an evolution model of Certina (below). More feminine name which also "sounds" Italian. You may translate it as "secure lady". Certo might mean "surely or securely".

Certo Kamera Werk is famous about a "ladies camera". That happens to be Extremely Collectable. A tiny well built camera small enough to suit in a lady's pocket. It is made before the war which tells you that the history of Certo is relatively long. In fact it begun in 1902.



Certina was manufactured around 1955 and it´s successor was Certo-phot. Both cameras were apparently made partly together. Certina has practically the same features but in a more or less different shape. Both cameras have an accessory shoe without any connection to flash. What differs to plain box camera is an adjustable focusing.
You should always keep in mind while you are criticizing , what is a purpose of the item, what is the price and to whom the subject is aimed to. If you perceive these three things while criticizing you might come to right conclusions.

What is then my conclusion. OK, these cameras carry off the duty what they are made for. You can take pictures with them. If you want a camera to rise your status these devices are not for you if not "playing poor" is your goal.

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