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Agfa Kamerawerk AG, Munchen, Germany

Agfa Silette LK (1968)

Silette is a common name of a large amount of cameras made by Agfa Kamerawerk. This Silette LK is an example of one of the latest LK:s. It is made in Germany in 1968. Production started in the middle of 1950s and ended in the beginning of 1970s.

Lens is Agfa Color Agnar 1:2,8/45 and the shutter speeds are B, 1/30 - 1/250. Other features are, as you can see,a selenium exposure meter,an accessory shoe and a flash contact. Viewfinder is bright and quite classy.

Otherwise the impression is somewhat cheap as it in fact was but it shows too clearly and you can also feel and hear it. The camera creaks and squeaks when you handle it. The cheap plastic material, which is widely used, breaks easily down. If you really want to have one of the last Silettes, just take attention to its body parts. I have noticed that ageing makes the material even more fragile. This is of course not Agfa´s fault.

Agfa Silette LK (1970)

One of the latest if not the last Silette LK .

Parator, 1 - 1/300sec,,B shutter. Afga Color Agnar 1:3,8, 45mm lens. Produced in the early eighties, Plastic body, metal chrome finished top and bottom plates and a black leatherette covering.

Red "Sensor" shutter release button is the distinctive mark of Agfa cameras in the seventies.



Agfa Silette LK
Agfa Silette (~1955)

A simple basic example of the older Silette versions.

Shutter, Vario, 1/25, 1/50, 1/200 and B . Afga Agnar 1:3,5, 45mm lens. Produced in the middle of fifties, all metal chrome finish and a black leatherette covering.

More than a million amateur photographers all over the world use the Agfa Silette. Small, quick and handy and it masters every situation. Agfa Agnar f. 3,5/45 mm. lens. Vario shutter, B, 1/25, 1/50, 1/200sec and large viewfinder.

All newer models have a rapid lever wind coupled with film transport, shutter loading, double exposure prevention and flm counter. (Retold Agfa Brochure)


Agfa Silette
Agfa Silette I

Regardless of the clearly marked model markings the amount of the Agfa LK variations is somehow confusing. Anyway, this is also a basic model without any extra features but only those, which are needed for a taking a picture.

Now with a Agfa Color Agnar 1:2,8/45mm lens and Prontor 125 (1/124, 1/60, 1/30, B) shutter.

Silette I
Agfa Silette F



Agfa Silette-F (1962)

Still another variation. The lens is again Agfa Color Agnar 1:2,8/45 and the shutter, Prontor 125 (1/124, 1/60, 1/30, B).That "F" in the name indicates a special feature, a flash lamp base on the top.


Agfa Tully Flash Unit

The disc on the back side shows exposure settings for different types of the flash bulbs.
A bulb which is intended for color films is coloured blue, or else they are clear. The bulb
is filled with a thin magnesium wire, which is fired by the electric current.



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