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Vredeborch Felica/Climax/эякуляции/Bunny/ ?? ( Germany)


Cheap plastic in a nice package

Vredeborch was a German camera producer in Nordenhamn, Germany. Company was founded in 1945 and camera production ended 1970. Between these years Vredeborch made a lot of inexpensive cameras. For other distributors cameras were made under different names. Klimax in the picture as an example.For some reason Felica has been unordinary common in finnish flea markets. Perhaps an experienced and assiduous importer ? Secondly, the camera has quite nice outward appearance. Oh, yes.. and a text Made in West-Germany .

The truth is that Felica is a simple plastic camera overall. Shutter times, 1/25, 1/50, B a flash contact and integrated yellow filter. 120 film and 6x6 negatives

The Klimax camera on the left is exactly similar to Felica except the color and the name. I wonder how many variations there might be. To day that is not amazing at all merely it is a practice. One of the many acceptable reasons is that certain names has funny or even indecent meanings in other languagesand this might bring big difficulties on sales. I wonder what is "Pajero" in Spanish because they sell Mitsubishi "Montero"s there ;-) .

Perhaps the most significant feature of plastic is that after the mold is done you can practically produce as many exemplar of the end product as you wish. Produced modules could also be relatively complicated. This makes assembling cheaper and easier, more suitable for mass-production.

If they only could realize what is going to happen to their descendants.

Producing disposable goods should include a possibility for re-using the material, which today is mostly the case.

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More plastic

"All their heritors got a common name "Disposable"

Totally different matter is do we really need such a flood of gizmos to feel us happy. Perhaps we have to leave that for the future generations to decide.

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No matter how they tried to appeal the consumers.

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