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FED, Kharkov, Ukraine "FED" stands for Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky, "Iron Felix".

FED 3 (first version)

This version of Fed rangefinder camera was manufactured between 1962 and 1964. I bought it in Pärnu a beautiful town in southwest Estonia. The lens is Industar - 61 , f2.8/52mm. "More" original could be Industar- 26M F2,8/50mm.

Soviet, or more exactly Ukrainian evolution model of Leica II.It has like its origin a focal plane shutter. B - 1- 1/500. Film advance using a knob .No light meter but a self timer and a flash contact.

FED 3 (second version)

The second version was manufactured between 1964 and 1980.had been redesigned and film advance was now carried out with an advance lever. Otherwise the technic is identical to earlier model. Bad point is that the new design might be more modern but not so pretty. Caution:
The shutter must be wound first, only then can you set the correct speed.Without cocking first you may severely damage the shutter.

Fed 5


FED 5v (1977- 199X)

Three different (main) versions of FED 5 were made.Two of them FED 5 and FED 5s had a selenium exposure meter. This camera has no exposure meter and has a rewind crank and film speed reminder in place of the meter controls. Like some other Soviet cameras also Fed 5 models were made as an export variant.

Both (actually all three variants) FED cameras has two flash synchfonization contacts. One in a standard hot shoe - sync at 1/30 and the other on the back of the body top.


Fed 5

FED 5 (1977- 199X)

The main thing that sets the FED 5 apart from FED 5Vmodel is its built-in selenium light meter. The meter is contained within the top cover but it is not coupled with any camera function. Around the extendable rewind knob is a meter control ring or merely an advisor how to transfer the meter readings to the camera controls.


1lb,9.4oz (720g) with normal lens
double cloth curtain
Shutter speeds:
B, 1 - 1/500

Jupiter 11

Jupiter 11, 4/135mm

4 lenses in 3 groups

Jupiter 8

Jupiter 8, 2/50mm

6 lenses in 3 groups

These two lenses actually belongs to Zorki cameras. Lens mount is similar and they can be fitted Fed as well.

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