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Goldammer, Frankfurt


Goldeck 6x6

Robust, quite expensively made uncluttered 6x6 camera very similar to Balda Baldixette and Dacora Digna cameras. They all have a similar concept, all metal construction, the collapsible lens tube and a poor viewfinder.

The structural principle reveals that the Goldeck 6x6 would not be suitable to modern mass production. Too many small screws and machined parts to keep the price low. The chromium finish has an excellent, smooth velvet like surface. A deeper view of Goldeck reveals, that to the industrial design was left a minor part in the priorizing of the product planning. In this case the functionality doesn't cover the clumsy look. Well, you might know the saying: "It is so ugly, tha it looks beautifull". One of the most interesting cameras made by Gerhard Goldammer is the Goldeck 16 whic was produced in the early 1960s.

If you happen to see a camera which looks like this but has a different name Goldixette it is the same camera. Goldeck was sometimes named as Goldixette.


  • Film type 120 rolfilm
  • Picture size 6x6cm
  • Weight 500g
  • Lens Bayreuth Steiner 1:4,5 /75mm
  • Shutter Vario B, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100sec
  • Shutter speeds B, 1-1/1000
  • Viewfinder Simple Galilei

This comment was kindly sent me by Bruno Schmück Offenbach am Main, Germany

The Goldeck Company started in Frankfurt in the twenties as "Goldammer Lichttechnik." In the early fifties they moved to Mühlheim am Main. The complete production of Goldammer as :Golda, Goldix, Goldixette, Goldeck and Goldammer cameras was located in Mühlheim. The production stopped in the early sixties.
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