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Rollop 6x6 TLR (~1951-1958)

I felt like a Tomb Raider when I was cleaning it. I also noticed that it is partly repainted. (using a monkey tail, I suppose) My daughter and my son-in-law brought it from Thailand. To be serious, the climate conditions in Thailand will ruin almost any equipment within few weeks, if left without extensive care. Fungus in a lens and rust or other kind of oxidation in metal parts is common. It is almost impossible to find serviceable camera in the flea markets of Southeast Asia.

The Rollop twin lens reflex cameras were manufactured by Lippischen Kamerafabrik, Richter & Fischer GmbH Barntrup. This camera is a 6x6 format TLR utilizing 120 film. It is complete with all parts but has clearly suffered from the humidity and somehow regardless use.

Film wind is by crank with automatic setting of the shutter. To the back of the wind crank is the frame counter dial. The ground glass has an etched lines for aid in composition.

The "original" quality of Rollop cameras seems to have been a somewhat lower than for instance Rolleicord cameras by Franke & Heidecke . Rollop has evidently belonged to a diverse group of a middle class TLRs.



The distance scale is only in feets which gives a clue about the marketing area of this certain item.



Some specifications
  • Film type 120 (220?)
  • Picture size 6x6cm
  • Weight 1020g (approximate.)
  • Lens Enna Werk Munchen, Ennit 8cm, f2.8 - 22, coated
  • Filter size 40.5mm screw in type
  • Shutter Prontor SVS, B,
  • Shutter speeds B, 1 - 1/300sec
  • Viewfinder TLR


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