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Sanei Manufacturing Co. , Japan ( Samoca Camera Co. , LTD. )

Samoca MR

Samoca MR (1961)

Samoca MR 35mm camera is one of the latest cameras made by Sanei. Its features are similar to other contemporary compact leaf shutter range finders.

The lens is Samocar 1:2,8 f/45mm and the shutter speeds are B, 1 - 1/300sec. It is an exemplar of the cameras made before the "Plastic Age" it weights approximate. 560g and it´s measures are 128x53x84mm.

Samoca is a robust and well made camera that has much common with for example Zeiss Contina not only in design but also in the feeling of sturdiness. Quite obviously it is capable of years of trouble-free service in the hands of the photographer.

There are some recent companies in Japan with the name Sanei Manufacturing. Obviously they have no connection to the camera manufacturing. According to my inquiries (in internet) the name was later changed to Samoca Camera Co. In addition to this, Samoca Camera Co.,Ltd has also manufactured the 35mm-format TLR camera. Top

This came to my mind while I tapped information about Samoca

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