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Minolta-16 MG set

Minolta 16 MG , Kit

Nice kit in the nice package. My first position as a teacher took place in Polvijärvi near a beautiful small town Joensuu in Eastern- Finland. I felt rich and when I saw this Minolta Kit in local camera store it simply captivated me.

At that time I owned a simple but adequate equipment to make photos at home. A good practice to avoid rather high developing fees for such a rare film / negative size and a good way to keep oneself sleepy during the days.

Minolta 16MG is one of the latest of a long line of Minolta 16mm subminiature cameras. It is very versatile camera with easy operation, slim styling, and compact design.




Major Specifications :

Type : Super -Miniature Camera with a picture size of 10x14mm for 16mm film.
Lens : Rokkor TD 20mm F/2,8, 4 elements in 3 groups
Shutter : Programmed shutter, 1/30 - 1/250 . Operation range EV 8 -16 ( ASA 100) Manual settings also possible
Synchro contact : X Contact at 1/30 second
Exposure Meter : Selenium meter of the Follow-Up Needle type
Measuring range: EV 8-16 for ASA 100 film
Film Speed : ASA 25 - 400
Focusing : Fixed Focusing
Viewfinder : Bright Frame with Parallax Correction Markings
Film Advance : Wheel Type - 120 deg.
Film Counter : Reverse Counting Type, Automatic Return
Accessories : MG Flashgun and filters (UV, Y48),
Dimensions : 102,5(L) x 24(H) x 39,5mm (W) 4" x 1" x 1,5"
Weight : 160g. 5,6 oz.


©2007 Reijo Lauro