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REGULA-WERK KING KG Bad Liebenzell,  Germany

Regula King


Regula King KG

Regula is one of the "less collectibles" German cameras. Regula King KG II has a separate King badge on the front side and this may denote, that the camera is manufactured somewhere about 1952-53.

It has not that aluminium cast top as the later models but the shutter cocking is already connected to the film wind lever. If the camera is loaded with a film the mechanism that uses a chain to transmit the power cocks also the shutter.

The principal aim of the King factory was to produce high quality cameras but the competition was hard and there were no space for all. There had to be "loosers" too and Regula Werk was one of them.

    Type: 35mm viewfinder camera
    Lens :Steinheil Cassar 1:2,8/45mm
    Film advance: Lever
    Shutter : Prontor SVS, 1 to 1/300 sec., B
    Film rewind: By a knob.
    Exposure meter:
    This job is delegated to various brands of exposure meters.
    Accessory shoe :Yes, "cold" type
    Flash synchronization: For bulbs
    Self-Timer: Approximate. 8-14sec.
    Shutter Release Button:
    On the top of the camera
    Battery : No way
    Dimensions: (W x H x D): 120mm x 75mm x 65mm
    Weight :


The second "viewfinder" in the right is a extinction exposure meter. There are digits from 1 to 4(5). the brighter the more digits can be seen.There is no parallels in the adjusters ?

This might be the case where even an engineer needs a manual.
Take a look, please
Regula Insta-King

Regula Insta-King

One of the hundreds pak-cameras but not so simple as it looks. Insta -King has an electronic controlled shutter, which automatically chooses the correct speed between 15sec ! to 1/300 sec. Power source is two ordinary 1,5V AAA batteries.

Load - always in subdued light: Push the lid release upwards, open the lid, insert film cart­ridge No. 126 (Kodapak or similar). Close the lid. Turn the rapid wind knob until it stops. Then figure No. 1 appears in the film window situated in the center of the lid. The camera is ready now for the first exposure.
Outdoor Pictures: Insert two Mallory batteries No. 2400 (1,5 V) into the battery chamber at the camera bottom. Watch the polarity instructions shown on the lid of the battery chamber. Turn the shutter ring to "A". Direct the camera to subject. Press the release button slightly down until you hear a "click". Then the electronic system is switched on. Control the shutter speed in the exposure meter window on top of the camera. If the needle is not moving, there is insufficient light for freehand shooting. Please use a tripod. The shutter electronically selects speeds from 15 sec. to 1/300 sec.
Without any distance setting, pictures can be taken from 3,5 feet to infinity. View your subject through the finder. Press the release button. Then the release remains locked (double exposure prevention). Turn the transport knob for the next picture.
Flash Pictures with Flash Cubes: Set the shutter ring to "Flash". Put the flash cube on the plug. When transporting the film, the cube rotates automatically by 90°. With colour films, distance is 3,5 to 6 feet and with black and white 3,5 to 10 feet. When not using the camera for a longer period, the batteries should be removed and the +pole cleaned.

Changing the Film: After the last picture, turn the transport knob until the film window is empty. Then open the camera lid. Remove the film cassette, insert a new one and close the lid again.


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