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Agfa Isola


Agfa Isola II

A basic 6x6 roll film camera which uses 120 film.

If you take a closer look at Isola you may notice that it is really a nice camera. No unnecessary but everything what is needed to get a picture. On the accessory shoe is a Agfa Tully flash unit.

The lens is perhaps a bit more complicated Agfa Agnar 6,3/75mm and the Singlo-2 shutter has two speeds, B, 1/30 - 1/100sec. The camera body is a combination of steel and plastic. More about Agfa Isola incl. insrtuction manual on the UK Camera site.

Isola was made with various lens/shutter options. Exact model name varied after these features ; Isola I, Isola II etc. Agfa Isola cameras were manufactured in 1957 - 1963. Those years were still the "golden age" of 120 film format. In the Seventies it was rapidly displaced by the 135 cassette films, although 120 film is still available and used mainly by the professional photographers.

Agfa Isoly

Agfa Isoly was manufactured in 1963 - 1971. This camera is a "plain" Isoly. The camera is fitted with Achromat 1:8 lens. Shutter has two speeds B, 1/30, 1/100sec. It takes 4x4 pictures on a 120 film.

Isoly cameras were manufactured with different lens options. I have another Isoly which is fitted with Agfa Color Agnar 5,6/55mm lens.The shutter seems to be the same in both cameras. If you compare Isoly with an Agfa Isola II on this same page, you have to admit, that these two cameras doesn't belong to the same category what it comes to a build quality and robustness. The overwhelming winner is Isola.

The most significant difference is in the Isoly label. It says "Isoly IIa .

Agfa Isoly
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