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Box Tengor

Zeiss Ikon Box Tengor 54/2

A box camera in the High End group. In spite of that Box Tengor is nothing else but a box camera. When you take a look at it you however notice a much better than average quality and finish.

It is so simple to use than you could´nt go wrong. Even a child can use it. (Box Tengor advertisement slogan in 1955) This camera takes 6x9 pictures on a 120 film.

This is BOX TENGOR 52/2 (1928-1933 Version) It has a Goerz Frontar lens, ground glass viewfinder windows and the viewfinder objective lenses are horizontal across top of front.
It has a close up lens and a diaphragm control on metal strips pulled up on top of the camera.
Shutter has a mirror on front and the winding knob is at the top of the right side of the body.
A curiosity is the mirror on front of the shutter.

Another old Box Tengor

Box Tengor 54/2 (1926-1928 Version).

An earlier version of Box Tengor. It has Goerz Frontar F:11
lens, plain leatherette front and the viewfinder objectives are vertical in upper corner. A winding knob is at the bottom of the right side.

From 1933 on Box Tengors has a metal plate like elongated hexagon on the front around the lens (take a look at the front of Erabox). The latest Tengors were made during the Fifties they can be recognized about some chrome decorations on the front plate.

If you do not happen to know what a fungus might look like, take a look at a beautiful fungus in the lens

Goertz Tengor

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