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Voigtländer Plate Camera

I have not succeeded to sniff out the name either a manufacturer of this old 9 x12 plate camera. It seems to be in one peace and the traces apparently leads to Germany.

It is partly repainted but the paint on a door between the rails appears to be original but there is no markings on it.

On the compur shutter dial is written "Voigtländer". The lens is G.Rodenstock Trinar Anastigmat 1:4,5 /13,5cm.

This doesn´t proof that this camera is made by Voigtländer. The lens/shutter combination could have been changed whic btw is not obvious.

15. May 2005

Now I have got information about this camera by a visitor. He wrote that it most likely is made by Voigtländer. He even succeeded wich model it is. Unfortunately by a mistake I deleted an e-mail that he sent to me. Gone what´s gone. Spam gets my trigger finger a bit squeamish. Thank you very much anyhow.

This camera has a ground glass focusing and a scale focusing. Shifting the lens is also possible as usual in this kind of cameras. It seems to be in good working condition and I am sure that loading it with a glass plate film would make it capable to produce acceptable pictures.



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