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Franka Werke, Bayreuth, Germany (Franka-Kamerawerk)




Franka Rolfix (1938)

Franka Rolfix is a simple dual format folding camera. I figure that this one is a pre-war model. Why, because the lens seems to have no coating and uncoated lenses are quite rare in the post war folding cameras, the metal parts have been nickel plated instead of chrome (these arguments are not waterproof because chrom was used also before the WWII and uncoated lenses were made after the war as well) but the most important argument is, that I know the former owner. The camera was used by G.Tuominen in Petsamo in a war against ruskies during those years they were avidly trying to liberate and democratize Finland. "Mit Franka in den Krieg" an old Franka advertisement slogan was apposite again.This model was also called Hapo 5 , when it was sold by Hans Porst

The lens is Velostigmat 1:7,7/105mm and the shutter is Singlo (Gauthier G.m.b.H Calmbach) T, B, 1/25, 1/75.

Picture format is 6x9cm or 4,5x6, then you have to use the loose mask.

Franka Werke was established in Bayreuth before WW I, in 1910. They made several different models between 1910 - 1966. Some of them were marketed in the USA by Montgomery Ward. FW made also a lot of cameras for distributors with their own brand name eg. OGA for Obergassner and Revue for Quelle. Company was taken over by Edixa in 1961. Edixa / Wirgin factory had to close down in 1971.


Perhaps the most common cameras made by Franka Werke was the popular Solida range . In total a dozen different cameras.

By the way, Bayreuth is Richard Wagner's festival town. Every summer, Wagner's operas are performed at the Festspielhaus during the month-long Richard Wagner Festival, commonly known as the Bayreuth Festival. Richard Wagner was born on May 22, 1813, in Leipzig but he is buried in Bayreuth.

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