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VEB Kamerafabrik Freital, DDR

BeiraxBeier Beirax II

The Beirax 6x9 rolfilm camera was introduced in 1938 by Freitaler Kameraindustrie Beier & Co. Woldemar Beier, Freital, Germany.

After WWII production continued by VEB Kamerafabrik in Freital, East Germany.
My Beirax belongs to those "Ostalgie" cameras. It is manufactured after 1950. The upper part of the camera is redesigned. For instance the shutter release knob is on the top of the camera.This beirax can take both 6x9cm and 4,5x6 negatives. The Junior shutter is ever ready type, so you don´t have to cock it separately. Beirax has to be considered as an average device for taking pictures. It has no extreme features, but just those which are commonly needed. I bough this camera on a flea market in Pori. The city of the famous "Pori Jazz Festival" (also in English)

Some specifications

  • Film type 120
  • Picture size 4,5x6cm and 6x9cm
  • Weight ~610g
  • Lens E. Ludvig. Meritar 1:4,5 / f=105mm
  • Shutter speeds B, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100

Beirette Electronic (Same as Beroquick electronic)

Beirette Electronic is an aperture preferred semi-automatic camera. It is manufactured between 1981-1988 by Kombinat Carl Zeiss Jena in DDR. Programmed shutter speeds are from 4 to 1/500 sec. and the X-sync at 1 / 30 sec . The coated Meritar 2.8 / 42 mm lens is said to be an an adequate perfomer.


Beirette Electronic



Ikophot Rapid

A German Zeiss Ikon Ikophot Rapid selenium cell Exposure Meter.
Just point a meter towards object then you have to turn the
adjusting wheel until a needle and the adjusting hand match
between. Now you can read the proper settings for shooting.


Ikophot needle

The needle and the adjustable hand (with a ring at the end) are matching and the right aperture/shutter speed combination can be selected.


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