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Balda- Werk, Dresden, Germany



Baldina,Baldinette,Baldini,Jubilette, many names but mainly similar cameras. They all take 24x36mm negatives on a 35mm. Viewfinders, shutters and lenses differ. These folders have a special charm about them, they are simple and basic, easy to use and they are very compact. At least these combinations can be quite easily found e.g. at the abay auctions.

Lens Shutter

Schneider Xenar F2.9/50mm
Schneider Radionar F2.9/50mm
Schneider Radionar F2,9/50mm
Schneider Radionar F3,5/50mm
Schneider Radionar F3,5/50mm
Balda Rigonar F3.5/50mm
Balda Baldanar F3.5/50mm
Enna Ennagon F3.5/50mm

Compur Rapid
Prontor S
Compur S
Prontor S
Prontor SVS
Prontor S

What is common is the well above average quality and the nice appearance. The production continued after WWII and so, some of them are made before WW2 and some after that.


If you want to get more information about Balda cameras you should go to Mario Groleau´s excellent site about Balda and also other interesting cameras. HERE


  • Film type 35mm
  • Picture size 24x36mm
  • Weight 450g
  • Lens Schneider Kreuznach Radionar 1:3,5 /50mm, coated
  • Shutter Prontor-S
  • Shutter speed B , 1 - 1/300sec
  • Viewfinder Galilei, no parallax markings

Again a camera manufacturer with very long history. The story beguns when Max Baldeweg founded a camera factory in 1908. The production was busy until WW II changed all. Max Baldeweg lost his company to the state but he founded a new company under the Balda name in Western Germany. Also in East Germany cameras were manufactured under the same name, Balda.
As usual the models and manufacturing prosesses and machines and even the names were stolen. The East German company continued to produce cameras under the Balda name until 1951, when the name changed to "Optik Belca Werke". 1957 this company formed part of the new "VEB Kamerawerk Niedersedlitz" . (This information is from web Site. You have to visit there if you are interested in what really has happened.)

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