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Mamiya NC1000s

Mamiya NC1000S (1977)

Mamiya introduced this new NC series at the time when the development of the camera electronics was on the threshold of an exponential growth. This was a stumbling block to many but perhaps not to Mamiya. In order to get the full use of the upcoming electronic and optical features Mamiya was forced to make a new bayonet lens mount for the NC cameras. This also forced to make a new series of lenses. A rather extensive variety of Mamiya-Sekor CS lenses were introduced and to enable the use of the former Sekor lenses an adaptor which allows stop-down metering and diaphragm automation with the TL, DTL, SX or other Pentax type screw thread lenses.

The Mamiya NC1000s is a 35mm bayonet-mount automatic shutter speed priority SLR camera. Characteristic to it, compared to it's predecessors Mamiya DSX etc. is the considerably smaller size and weight. Weighing in at a mere 655g with 50mm f/1.7 fitted and only an overall 136mm long by 83mm high it was the smallest and lightest fully automatic SLR with shutter speed priority system around. Olympus OM-1 which was introduced a couple of years before (1972) is similar in size but not automatic.

Mamiya NC 1000st



"The compact size and light weight offers an excellent handling ease and convenience. The open-aperture metering system assures that the viewfinder always remains bright. The exposure automation system is of the popular shutter-speed priority type, in which the camera meter automatically selects the correct aperture in accordance with the shutter speed selected by the user. The NC 1000/1000s is designed to meet the needs of the amateur and professional photographer alike."

As an argument for a serious goal to offer a 35mm camera for the advanced amateur or even the professional use is among others the five alternate viewfinder screens , Auto Bellows and Angle Finder. Perhaps the only and biggest flaw in the new NC 1000/1000S series was, that the new bayonet mount was not compatible with the earlier Mamiya XTL mount. This was the fact, that obviously turned the heads of many potential buyer towards other brands. Despite the competitive pricing and very progressive features NC series was not any sell-out for Mamiya.

Camera Type:
35mm, shutter speed priority Automatic Exposure 35mm SLR with manual override.
Film and Negative Size:
35mm film, 24mm x 36mm.
Standard Lenses:
Auto Mamiya-Sekor CS Multi-Coated 50mm f/1.4 (7 elements in 6 groups, 49mm filter size).
Auto Mamiya-Sekor CS Multi-Coated 50mm f/1.7 (6 elements in 5 groups, 49mm filter size).
Lens Mount:
Mamiya Bayonet Mount.
Electronically controlled rubberized silk focal plane shutter with range of 1/1000 - 1 sec., B .
Variable time delay of approximately 4-9 sec.
Sync Terminals:
FP, X and a Hot-Shoe for cordless flash operation.
Exposure Meter:
Center weighted CdS meter with exposure measurement range of EV 2-18 (100ASA, f/1.4 lens). Coupling:
With Mamiya-Sekor CS lenses in AE mode: ASA, shutter speed and lens maximum aperture.
With Mamiya-Sekor CS lenses in manual mode: ASA, shutter speed and lens maximum aperture.
With preset lenses: ASA and shutter speed. Stop-down metering.
Film Speed Range:
ASA, 25-3200; DIN 15-36. Viewfinder:
Large, brilliant pentaprism SLR viewing. Exposure Meter Indicator Needle, Aperture Scale and Stop-Down Metering Index Mark visible in viewfinder. Magnification of 0.94x with 50mm lens at infinity. Three-way focusing: Central rangefinder wedge at 45° angle surrounded by a microprism collar which is located in a matte field, with finely-grooved Fresnel lens for even illumination.
The focusing screen of the NC 1000S is interchangeable with four other screens.
Quick-return mirror, coated for increased reflectance.
Film Advance Lever:
Single-action type with short 130° throw and stand-off angle of 15°, double exposure prevention and with Meter OFF Button incorporated into lever (Meter OFF Button also doubles as Shutter Release Button Lock).
Exposure Counter:
Additive type with automatic reset.
Film Memo Pocket:
Built-on the Back Cover. Power Source:
Two 1.5V silver oxide batteries (Eveready S-76, Ray-O-Vac RS-76, Mallory MS-76 or equivalent) supply the power for the electronic shutter and exposure meter.
Dimensions and Weight: 136 x 83 x 50mm (5 11/32" x 3 17/64" x 1 31/32") 18 oz. (510g)
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