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Once upon a time...

A beginning for a collection a German, Glunz (Glunz, Hannover, Germany) plate camera and a Justophot "exposure meter".

Today the number is over 200 old cameras, their specifications, pictures and descriptions.

Several photography related articles and links to the helpful and interesting sites opens up an entertaining and rewarding trip to the world of the photography before bits and bytes.

This collection or may I call it a Vintage Camera Museum consists of various camera types and camera brands. Most of them, are not so called "collectibles" but I hope that on some page you will find the information that you are looking for.

Minolta XG-MIf you know the brand name but you can't find the exact model here, please follow the links on the specific pages. Feel free to contact me in any question concerning old cameras and photography. WestagonNew items and articles are frequently added on these pages. Your comments and corrections are always welcome. Thank you for visiting The Camera Site. Zorki 4

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Konica Auto S3

PDF 5.91Mb

Miranda Auto Sensorex EE


Agfamatic 126

PDF 1.42Mb

Olympus OM-2 S/P PDF


Yashica Samurai X 4.0

PDF 4.14Mb

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