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Ioannis Diverse and interesting.
Excellent Canon RF pages.

Excellent site. Simply all about Mamiya Cameras

A reference site for everyone who want´s to put his pages "ON AIR"


Great site. Specialized in rangefinders. (Japanese)

English, Dutch and
Classic One of the greatest camera pages on the internet
Casual Collector
MarioMario Groleau Collectionneur d'appareils photos anciens - Vintage camera collector- Great comments and articles.
Lots of interesting articles about a great variety of classic cameras
Pierre Jarleton's camera site.
French and English
Over 1300 cameras, photographs,articles a real cornucopia
Reviews, articles, tests, news, quidance..
Tired of trivial suply ? Alfred´s page is certainly an alternative
Very nice and informative site Danish and English

Auf Deutsch*All about Konica SLR system 1960-1987*In English

Kurt TauberKameraMuseum:Die Samlung Kurt Tauber

Mechanical cameras
Great site
Andreas Wolkerstorfer | drawings | printmaking | cameras
If You want to know what cameras are for and that is not all !
Interesting collection. Dutch and English
Do you want to know all about Bilora?
(auf Deutsch)
Canadian Folk Music, Photography, Writing
Specializing in pre-owned photography  equipment
Collectible Cameras has thousands of modern, vintage,  film,
and digital cameras, lenses and accessories! 
Collectible Cameras
Secure online  shopping and worldwide shipping.
A collector at least from hips to heels.
Really worth visiting
Our aim is to capture as many of lifes wonderful images as we can.
James Ollinger
Camera company histories,
Glossary etc. etc.
The Living Image   A collection of largely active old and vintage cameras.
Mike Elek

Classic Cameras

A web site of an incurable photographica collector
  Black and White Fine Art Traditional Black & White Photography.  
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