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Agfa IsolaAgfa Isola Bella 44Bilora Bella 44 Minolta RepoMinolta Repo
Agfa IsolyAgfa Isoly Bella 66Bilora Bella 66 OGAOGA
Agfa OptimaAgfa Optima Ia BellaluxaBilora Bellaluxa Olympus PenOlympus Pen

Agfa Silette

A serie of similar type of cameras from a simple basic model to more sophisticated products. All variations are clearly marked as Silette I, Silette F, Silette II, Silette L, Silette LK, Silette SL, Silette SLE, Super Silette, Super Silette L, Silette Automatic, Super Silette LK or Silette Record.

Certo CertinaCerto Certina Olympus Trip 35Olympus Trip 35
Certo CertophotCerto Certophot PentonaPentona II(coming soon)
Agfa SiletteAgfa Silette Elikon 4Elikon 4 Regula KingRegula King
Silette LKAgfa Silette LK 1968 Emen 35-FEmen (coming soon) Smena 8Smena 8
Silette IAgfa Silette LK FotexFotex Smena 8MSmena 8M
Agfa Silette-FAgfa Silette F GoldeckGoldeck Werra IWerra I
Agfa Silette LKAgfa Silette LK 1970 Retina IaKodak Retina Ia ViliaVilia
Balda BaldixetteBalda Baldixette Retina S2Kodak Retina S2 Zorki 11Zorki 11
BeiretteBeirette electronic Minox 35MLMinox 35ML Zeiss ContinaZeiss Contina
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