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Nikon TW

Nikon TW2D



Nikon TW has a rather exceptional solution, instead of a variable focus zoom lens it has two fixed focal lengths, a medium wide angle (35mm) and a short tele (70mm). It is rather heavy and not very compact but it has all the features wanted by the contemporary "point and shoot" camera, even a data back.




All these cameras are battery dependent. Battery, like Panasonic CR-P2p is still available.

Olympus AZ-1 ZOOM

Olympus AZ has a real zoom lens but no data back. Otherwise it is much alike Nikon. It is also heavy and quite big but it has a Olympus tough, a nice manageability and sturdyness.

Olympus Zoom
Ricoh AF


A "poor man´s" or perhaps an economist´s version of autofocus camera in the Eighties. Most of the features of the big brothers but not a zoom lens.

Because of intended lightness it is a bit squeaky still it does what it is meant to do. It records the memories for the later days.


One step downwards from the Ricoh AF. A viewfinder camera with built in automatic flash but no autofocus. The lens is Minar 4/35mm . Elikon is made by the Belomo factory in the present Republic of  Belarus. The ISO range is from 25 to 1600, so if you set the right ISO value, focus to the right distance the automatic exposure will finalize the settings. As a pover source Elikon has two AA batteries. As a such rather simple and modest camera Elikon 4 has a mechanically sturdy and reliable body but like in many early electronic devices the electronics seems to be the Achilles’ heel. (thxMarek)

Elikon 4


Canon made it this way.Sure Shot has same spcifications as Ricoh. It uses common AA batteries (2 pcs.)

You may take these "cousins" as an example of the every man´s Point and Shoot camera of the eighties. They don´t belong exactly to the same category but they could represent the variety which was available for a buyer in those days.

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