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110 Format (and) Submini Cameras

Agfamatic Pocket 1008 1008

A lower end model of the popular Agfa 110 format cameras.

Halina STB Flashmatic 110 Tele Halina2

Halina STB has a special feature. The lens can be changed by a fader between two focal lenghts 25/43mm.

Minolta 16 MG Minolta MG

Minolta submini camera with programmed shutter and a high class lens. MORE  

Agfamatic Pocket 2000 2000

Model 2000 has some advanced features and a Magicube contact.

Keystone XR207 Everflash Keystone

Keystone XR207 has a built in close up (portrait) lens and an electronic flash.

Minox EC Minox

Latest model of Minox and the only made of plastic. MORE

Agfamatic Pocket 2008

A link to an excellent Agfamatic Pocket Page HERE2008

Similar to 2000 exept this model has a Flipflash plug instead of Magicube..

Kiev 30 Kiew 30

An Ukrainian version of subminiature camera. It uses non perforated 16mm film. Kiev 30 is a quite roughly finished camera with sophisticated features.

MORE about Kiev

Tinox ST 601 Tinox

A Real Junk Store Toy in this group of cameras.A simpliest possible. Much like the cheapest disposable cameras.

Halina Super Mini Halina

Small and cute camera but with only average features.

More about 110format


Kodak Graffiti Kodak2

Kodak Graffiti is too big to keep on the idea of a Pocket Camera. Some contemporary 35mm cameras were smaller and and you got much better results with them. This was a development but to the wrong direction.

Kodak Pocket Instamatic 100 Kodak

A basic camera. One of the first Pocket Instamatic models.

What are the real subminiature cameras ? I don´t have expertise enough to give you an answer. Someone could claim that 110 format cameras are a desecration when considered as a subminiature cameras. The truth is that when the 110 format in the early Seventies was introduced, the production of the former submini cameras, and the film they used, ceased, also processing became more expensive and harder to find.

Some really good subminiature cameras exists, Minox in the frontline. Almost every respectable camera manufacturer had a line of 110 format cameras. Even 110 format SLR cameras were made (Pentax, Minolta).

This page consists a kind of peek to the world of the miniature cameras. You can find wonderful internet sites which are "specialized" to subminiature cameras. Take a look at these pages by D. Scott Young,

As far as the 16mm movie film is available you can reload the film cassette quite easily and to have it processed in lab that can process and print 110 film. Not very convenient or easy but possible. Still I dare to write that the use of subminiature cameras is over but in case that You are a bit "old fashioned" and eager to to be busy you can get a wonderful and cheap hobby among these little cameras. Cellular phones could be considered as the next generation of submini cameras.

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