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BaldinetteBalda Baldinette

Balda Baldinette a folding 35mm camera was manufactured by Balda Bunde Kamera-Werk in West-Germany around 1951. It is fitted with a Schneider-Kreuznach Radionar f/2.9 50mm lens in a Prontor-S shutter.

It is quite compact and easy to handle. The camera is built over a sturdy die cast body and has a clear resemblance to some Kodak Retina cameras and especially to Zeiss Nettar 515.
Baldinette has no rangefinder neither an exposure meter. The Super Baldina which was introduced in 1955 has a rangefinder but in stead of beeing a folding camera it has a collapsible lens unit like Balda Baldixette or Goldeck 6x6

If you place a cursor on the picture the camera turns and you will see the ("tiefenscharfentabel") depth of field table on the back of the camera. If I'm right , instead of it there might sometimes be an exposure table, that can be used as a guide to expose pictures correctly. Table is based on an aperture of f 5.6 with a film speed of 17 ASA (17/10 Din) with two choices of settings. All settings have two exposure times, one for a bright times of a day and the other for a darker situations.


  • Film type 35mm
  • Picture size 24x36mm
  • Weight 450g
  • Lens Schneider Kreuznach Radionar 1:2,9 /50mm, coated
  • Shutter Prontor-S
  • Shutter speed B , 1 - 1/300sec
  • Viewfinder Galilei, no parallax markings
Gosse Sixtino
Gossen Sixtino
Exposure Meter

A selenium exposure meter doesn´t need a battery because of the seleniun cell is photovoltaic and produces the needed electric current. A weak point is that the cell sometimes "dies" after couple of years.

Rulo A nice Ruler to shadow the cell for incident light metering. If you store selenium meter in dark, when it is not used, the cell will last longer.


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