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Minolta AL-F


Minolta AL-F

The Minolta AL-F was introduced in 1967. It is was a quite progressive and full-featured camera at a time..  It has a 38mm f/2.7 Rokkor lens. Just pick the shutter speed and the camera selects the correct aperture from f2.7 - f22 , so It's a shutter-priority, auto-exposure camera. Manual exposure settings are not possible.
For easier flash photography it has an automatic mode for flash, Easy Flash . You set the guide number and the camera takes care of the rest. The selected f-stop is visible on a scale in the viewfinder as are over- and under-exposure marks.The shutter speeds are 1/30 - 1/500 sec and B. You have to have one 625 battery in it. The camera weight is 510g and the size is 123x76x58mm.



Minolta HI-MATIC F

The Minolta Hi-Matic F was released in 1972 . It is very light and compact camera of good quality and it has a very sharp Rokkor 38mm f/2.7 coated lens (4 elements in 3 groups). Exposure is fully automatic and gets down to 4 sec.
I received this Minolta from one of my colleaque. She had difficulties in getting adequate batteries. Now we know that you can find battery adapter allowing to use today's batteries with cameras requiring the discontinued PX13 and PX625 mercury batteries. Battery Pages
Its main drawbacks are the total lack of any manual exposure control and a dependence upon batteries. There was also a black version called the Hi-Matic FP

"The Minolta Hi-matic F is an extremely light, compact, easier-handling camera that features a highly accurate electronic shutter, with speeds from 1/724 to 4 full seconds, and a coupled, superimposed-image rangefinder.
The CdS EE system provides perfect automatic exposure in conditions where flash is not need­ed. Its flashmatic system switches on automatically when flash is attached and couples aperture to focus for accurate exposure adjustment throughout the flash range.
Convenient signals visible in bright-frame viewfinder tell you when there is enough light for normal hand-held auto exposure without flash, warn you when to use a tripod or flash, and confirm when camera is switched over to flashmatic mode."



Film speed setting dial is around the lens just like in Miranda Sensoret.

Lens : 38mm, f/2.7, Rokkor (4 elements in 3 groups)
46mm filter mountMinimum focusing distance = 0.8 meters
HI-Matic cover

Seiko ESL Electronic Shutter 4 sec ~ 1/724 sec. X-flash sync at all speeds

Exposure meter : Program automatic electronic exposure Lights on top of camera / rangefinder warn of under/over exposure conditions EV 0.9- 17(at ISO 100) ASA 25 to 400 Silicon cell above the lens
Battery : 2 x 1.35V PX640 mercury cells (compatible with PX640A alkaline)

Size and weight :

113 x 73 x 54mm ; 360g
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