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Mamiya ZE

Mamiya ZE

The first version in Mamiya Z series of cameras. ZE was introduced in July 1980. This camera has an an aperture priority automatic exposure control with AE lock and two stops exposure compensation. Only automatic functions, which means that you can not manually set the shutter speed.
Some Mamiya ZE cameras are marked ZE Quartz. Perhaps the American models.

You might have noticed that several merchandises are sold with different names in Europe than in USA. The reason might be that limbo about what the yankees are suffering. Everything should be biiig. I have been told that even the dwarfs are bigger in America ; )

Mamiya is very easy to use and that has obviously been the aim. The camera in the picture is equipped with a Mamiya Sekor E 2,8 /28mm lens. You may familiarize yourself with some Mamiya Sekor E lenses HERE

  Shutter Seiko quartz controlled metal focal-plane-shutter, B - 1 - 1/1000sec
  Exposure meter A Silicon photo diode, center weighted, meter is activated by pressing the shutter release.
  Exposure control Automatic exposure with aperture priority. Two steps exposure correction. Exposure lock.
  Viewfinder Micro prisms and a diagonal split image, Shutter times and warnings for incorrect exposure
  Flash Automatic with a Mamiyalite ZE flash.
  Battery 4 batteries, LR44 or SR44
  Measures 140 x 88 x 90 mm, 460g
Mamiya ZE-2


Mamiya ZE-2

ZE-2 was introduced in December 1980. Added features are the first in the world shake-prevention warning (low shutter speed) and a possibility to choose the shutter speed also manually. Otherwise ZE-2and ZE looks similar.


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