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Mamiya ZE-X

Mamiya ZE-X

Mamiya ZE-X , the second last in Mamiya 35mm SLR series was introduced in September 1981. You can use either aperture- or shutter-preferred automatic modes. But if you choose a "mission impossible", a crossover network would automatically override your selections. The ZE-X has a sophisticated flash system with Mamiyalite MZ flash units, which is fully usable only with Mamiya Sekor EF lenses.Sekor E

(Some EF lenses are sold under the name Revue, the Camera line of the Quelle international mail-order company)

Mamiya Sekor E 2,8/28mm


Shutter : Quartz-contolled, vertical metal focal plane shutter. Speeds 16 - 1/1000sec in AE-mode and 8 - 1/1000sec and B in manual mode
Exposure meter : Exposure meter is activated by touching the shutter release button
Exposure control : The ZE-X is a "multi automatic", that means it comes with:
-Aperture priority AE
-Time priority AE
-Program AE
-Special feature is an automatic flash volume control by distance. (only EF Lenses)
Viewfinder : Horizontal split image and microprism collar. In the AE-modes aperture and time priority of the shutter speed and the f-stop is indicated with an LED-display
Battery : Two LR44 or SR44 , 1.5 Volt. The battery is exhausted when the display in the viewer is blinking.
Size and weight : 140 x 89 x 50.5mm , 470g(body only, without batteries) .
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